The difference between outdoor large billboards and traditional advertisements


1. Beautiful and generous:

Unlike traditional billboards, the three-sided flip is made of aluminum alloy. Under the baptism of nature, the three-sided flip can still maintain its original appearance and is not easy to deform.

2. Beautify the environment:

A good three-sided flip can not only make the billboard beautiful, but also improve the beauty of the surrounding environment. Because the three-sided flip is made of aluminum alloy, it is a * * product and a symbol of identity.

3. Visual enjoyment:

The three-sided display is actually composed of all aluminum alloy equilateral triangular prism, and then parallel discharge is required according to reasonable principles. PLC controls the operation of the motor and drives the parallel prism. In the process of rotation, it will give you a visual impact and make pedestrians on the roadside stop to watch.

4. Smooth beauty:

When the three sides rotate at the specified time and the picture automatically changes, each prism will rotate forward in its own order, like a river, giving you a sense of fluency.

5. Wind resistance:

Three-sided display panel is of triangular prism structure, which can resist typhoon of large magnitude and above under the condition of stable foundation steel frame