Factors that directly affect the quotation of outdoor billboards


(1) Local labor costs

Due to the different economic development and prices in different regions, the labor cost of producing three sided advertising equipment varies in each region.

(2) The size of the billboard after turning over on three sides

Generally, the calculated area of a three sided billboard is a square, and the formula is length * width. When calculating the price, the calculation method of how much money per square meter should be based on the required three sided production materials per square meter, material quotations, local labor costs, and profits.

(3) Materials and prices for partial three sided flip

The local market price and quality of the materials used to produce the three sided trigger are the main factors that determine the cost of the three sided trigger.

(4) .  Production process of three-sided turning

The manufacturing processes such as wind resistance, circuit design, and installation methods of the three sided billboard are the main factors that determine the price of the three sided billboard