What is the general size standard of the bus shelter


The general size standard of the bus shelter is about the width of the bus shelter. The width is not easy to be too large. It is more scientific between 1.5 meters and 2 meters. Because if it is too narrow, it is difficult to ensure the protection of the passenger shelter. If it is too wide, it will consume the public area and endanger the nearby greening equipment. The scientific nature of this width is also reflected in its ability to keep the beauty of the bus shelter generous, so that people can have a good view when waiting.

Height of bus shelter. The height is generally about three meters. This height combines people's normal height, and also takes into account people's vision and comfort. In addition, it is also to better meet the requirements of embedded light box advertising.

Length of bus shelter. The length is generally determined according to the number of light box advertisements equipped in each shelter or the passenger flow. There is a large amount of data that must be published and planned. If the passenger flow is large, the length is large.