SPACE is committed to product innovation, promotion, and application in the outdoor advertising industry, striving to become a world leading brand and promoting the high-quality development of the outdoor advertising media equipment industry. We have taken a number of important measures, including continuous technical innovation, category expansion, cost optimization, more efficient services, continuous improvement on customer satisfaction and enterprise competitiveness to accomplish this mission, and to provide customers with solutions to cope with changes.

In the past two decades, SPACE has been an excellent proponent of “Made in China” for a variety of top outdoor advertising providers throughout the world. We have continuously strengthened our multi-brand enterprise strategy and extended our product line lead by means of value positioning, while constantly updating ourselves to adapt to ever-changing environments and provide higher practical value. This has included more diverse fields of application and a wider product range. SPACE currently has four brands: the “Master” bus shelter, the “Top” advertising lighting box, the “First” Trivision and the “Gold” column advertising. These products consider meet customer needs through systematic thinking and improvement of all-round service levels in terms of quality, price, service, and speed.

We always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, in order to truly experience "letting you be happy, worry free and make money". In this way, we are able to realize the brand value and meaning, this is our most important mission and also our most distinctive brand feature - striving to build an outstanding global high-end outdoor advertising media equipment brand!

Master - professional bus shelter

Master is committed to the original design of urban bus shelters. The design attaches great importance to the symbiotic relationship between bus shelters and urban spaces. There are different styles and forms of public service facilities in different countries, cities and environments, and our products can fully integrate the bus shelters into the surrounding environment. In this way, our product can accurately express the local natural and cultural characteristics, providing an innovative consumer experience. The value perceived by our users is much higher than the price they paid, and exceeds their expectations.

Top - professional advertising lighting box

Top is focused on indoor and outdoor advertising lighting boxes. With its unique design, classic shape and safe performance, Top has become a masterpiece of modern urban charm. It combines extraordinary inspiration with commercial civilization and gives a new definition to modern life. Top is committed to bringing you dynamic brands and a passionate vision. We see it is an accessory for the city, and the center of the visual arts. Accurate strategy, outstanding creativity, an achievement of urban culture, and an example of outstanding commercial value.

First - a professional brand of Trivision

First, an expert in Trivision, has made great contributions to the development of the industry. More and more users are now enjoying First's innovative technology, excellent quality, and considerate services. First boasts excellent sales figures, positive market response and user recognition. Our products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Over the years, the First brand has become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, promoted the development of the global advertising industry, and established a leading position in the industry.

Gold - professional column advertising

Gold focuses on artistic modeling and personalized customization for outdoor advertising columns, taking inspiration from interdisciplinary professional steel structure design and the R & D team, and using standardized products as a basis. In this way, it provides total process design support, and adopts a building block design concept for fully integrated factory prefabrication. Advertising columns are delivered by means of intensive transportation and rapid on-site disassembly, with corresponding maintenance provided in the later stages; further upgrading and replacement services can meet customers' requirements for continuous media updates.